Business Accelerator Program



The Business Accelerator Program is ideally suited to Home-Based or Emerging Businesses that have been operating for 1-2 years and are about to enter a growth phase and need support to navigate this crucial period. The program is currently capped at 3 years, however the nature of the program means that some businesses may move through the program faster than others and relocate to commercial premises earlier than 3 years.

Whilst a benefit to participants is access to office and/or warehouse space that comes ready for operation without the hassle of fit-out, installation of services, legal fees and long term leases etc., it is the support services, business advice and peer to peer support that comes with the Business Accelerator Program that is the true benefit to businesses involved.

Western BACE works with the businesses to develop a tailored Business Accelerator Program specifically designed for them, including specific milestones to measure progress through the program and keep them 'accountable to themselves’. The end milestone of the program is to be commercially viable and relocate to a new commercial premise. Along with specific areas of support based on the unique nature of each business. The Business Accelerator entrepreneurs will be supported by experts in their field to improve personal and leadership skills, business model, financial management, management systems and marketing skills. The Business Accelerator entrepreneurs are encouraged to challenge the status quo and dare to be different.

Key Features of the Business Accelerator

  • Month-to-month leasing with reasonable rates
  • Workshop, office, and warehouse space available
  • Access to the Western BACE facilities such as onsite café, optic fibre, meeting rooms, project rooms, shared reception service and collaborative co-working space
  • Business mentoring
  • Opportunities for networking with other businesses and local organisations
  • Designed for businesses to grow and succeed during their formative years before moving to their own premises